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At Lighthouse, we promote a Christian Worldview, integrating Biblical truths and character education into every subject. By using texts from ABEKA and BOB JONES to support our views, we can also support your children to their academic goals.   




We want our students to experience God.   ​Chapel is a full service with interactive worship, games, an engaging lesson, and prayer.  During chapel your student will participate in a service on their level.


Each of our students have God-given gifts and talents which we desire to cultivate. Music and Art times are opportunities for expression and education within these disciplines to help them discover their giftings. 


Our classrooms are our future. We incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into an authentic learning experience, which gives students the opportunity to experiment, collaborate, and think critically. 


As technology continues to transform our world, we too, must transform our teaching styles to prepare students. In elementary grades students learn computer basics, typing, internet safety, and create projects. 


Habits for a fit and healthy lifestyle start young.  Students gain the foundations for a healthy lifestyle, while building valuable skills in sportsmanship and teamwork. 

Elementary Program

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