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Home School Program

 Lighthouse desires to partner with parents/guardians to provide children a positive and challenging academic experience in a truly Biblical environment administered by a well-trained loving Christian staff.


If you are registered with Central Homeschooling Ministry (CHM), your registration fee will make you a partner with LCA; if you are not registered with CHM, you must register with LCA to take advantage of our academic and athletic programs. 


Basketball, Volleyball, Archery, Cheerleading, etc. 

Homeschool students who are registered with LCA or CHM may participate in LCA's athletic program for a $100 fee. This opens all of the sports program to you. 


Registered middle and high school students may take a course.  The cost is $375 per course plus the cost of textbooks and/or lab fees.

Currently, LCA is offering

  • Biology I

  • Biology II

  • Chemistry

  • English 6-12

  • Algebra I

  • Algebra II

  • Algebra I Part I

  • Consumer Mathematics

  • World History

  • Government

  • Bible

  • Fine Arts 9-12

  • Foreign Language (through Rosetta Stone)

  • Physical Education 6-8

  • Computers/Typing 6-8.


Middle and High School chapel services are Tuesday mornings from 8:43-9:25 a.m.

Elementary Chapel Services are Wednesday mornings from 8:40-9:25 a.m.

As part of the LCA family, you are welcome anytime.

Happy Student


When you partner with LCA through registration, you become part of the family, and your homeschool student will be required to follow the guidelines and expectations of every student in the school. Please see the parent/student handbook for detailed explanations and dress code.

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